As a member of the BNP Paribas group TEB NV Private Banking offers a rich and diverse range of banking services. Another distinctive feature of TEB NV Private Banking concerns our outstanding service regarding Turkish markets and Turkish investment instruments.

Among our products offerings are:

- Foreign Sovereign and Corporate Bonds
- Turkish Local Debt Instruments in TRY (Turkish Lira) Denominated and Others
- Equities
- Short-Term Money Market Deposit Facilities
- Foreign Exchange Transactions (Spot and Forward)
- Currency Forwards and Swaps
- Dual Currency Deposits
- BNP Paribas Global Funds (Parvest)
- ETF and OTC derivatives.

The speed and flexibility of our services form the key factors in making a difference for our clients. At the same time we take the time to understand the needs, goals and preferences of our clients. In providing our services, we ensure transparency by keeping our clients informed through clear and detailed statements and portfolio evaluations. In addition to our existing product offerings we can design tailor-made solutions to fulfill specific needs of our clients.

Private Banking Investment Account
The minimum deposit to open a Private Banking Investment Account with TEB NV is set at EUR 200,000. The General Banking Terms accepted in the Netherlands are applicable to all your transactions with TEB NV. You can set up your own portfolio by instructing TEB NV to invest in deposits, shares or any other fixed income instrument of your choice. In this way, you have the opportunity to utilize our private banking services depending on your specific requirements. You can be assured that our Private banking team will at all times be fully attentive to your portfolio, with absolute discretion.

If you are interested in opening a Private Banking Investment Account, please contact us. Our details are listed below.

We offer competitive deposit rates for different maturities in major currencies. You can check our deposit rates for investment accounts at any time.

Security Trading
We can execute your orders in trading bonds, shares, funds in Turkish markets. We can also carry out orders for trading securities in G7 countries as well as Emerging Markets.

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For any further inquiry regarding Private Banking Department please contact us:

Tel1: +31 20 503 90 22
Tel2: +31 20 503 90 42


Private Banking

TEB NV Private Banking offers banking services and investment alternatives to private customers on an execution only basis. TEB NV understands the importance of protecting, growing and passing wealth to the next generation. We take utmost care and dedication in meeting our clients' changing financial needs in a highly competitive and volatile market.

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